Comic 112 - Paternity Leave

27th Feb 2017, 10:00 AM in Filler
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Paternity Leave
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Author Notes:

27th Feb 2017, 10:00 AM
Tim McLaughlin Jr
It's true! Tobias (our son) is due the first week in April, but between the uncertainty built into due dates and some other issues at home we need to tend to, I'm kicking this off in March (also because, this way, I don't have to interrupt a running chapter to do so).

Now, not all the pages are in yet, so there may end up being changes to this plan (and I am still willing to add fanart or sketches or whatever, just send them right over to me), but here are the three people mentioned in the comic:

1. Alonzo Pippenger, of Weavers at the Black will be doing an abridged telling of the War of the 438, beginning next week!

2. Lilbluebox, of Pokémon Gijinka Marathon is scheduled to do Ristara Ascendant!

3. Luna, who I know from tumblr, is set to provide the legend of Magus, a brief lore chapter that will lead into the next full chapter (and my return), Rage of the Agnar!

Even if something happens and these plans change, make sure to show some appreciation to these people because I know that they've put in a lot of work and it really means a lot to me. And everyone who has something included in my break will also have attribution given during their run. See you all soon!