Comic 113 - Crusade

6th Mar 2017, 10:00 AM in War of the 438 - Abridged
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Author Notes:

6th Mar 2017, 10:00 AM
Tim McLaughlin Jr
Special thanks to Alonzo Pippenger for this guest chapter! You can see more of Pip's work on the comic Weavers at the Black. Pip was one of the artists kind enough to submit guest pages to cover the period surrounding my son's birth to buy me time at home, so you should absolutely show some appreciation by checking out the rest of his work.

B.A.E. stands for "Before Apotheosis of Elyse" and is used here because the dates given are on the Reformed calendar. For more information on Elyse, check out the chapters titled Epic of Hadral.

For more information on Ristara herself, you can look her up in the Codex or keep an eye peeled for the upcoming lore chapter, Ristara Ascendant, which will describe her rise to prominence.